GSN has expertise in all aspects of landscape design, installation, maintenance and plant care.Whether it's landscapes, indoor plants, home gardens, speciality plants or just grass cutting we will leave your property looking tidy and fresh.


  • Passionate and experienced gardening teams with tailor-made seasonal gardening plans, landscapes will stay looking attractive and oresentable all year round.
  • International branded tools and equipment are used to ensure plants and vegetation are maintaied safety and efficiently. Personal protective equipment is used always to avoid unnecessary injury.
  • To reduce any harm to environment, we use organic or non-harmful fertilizers and pesticides. Any clipping or offcuts are put into compost to avoid unnecessary waste. With our ISO 14001 based operating are designed to take care of mother nature.

GSN gardening services include but are not limited to:

  • Landscaping (Design/Maintenance)
  • Indoor plants
  • Automated irrigation   
  • Grass installation/maintenance
  • Pruning trees, shrubs and plants
  • Fertilizing (organic brands used mainly)
  • Weed control
  • Commercial ground care
  • Pest control