GSN delivers Technical Services to ensure uninterrupted and cost-effective availability of property-related technical systems and installations. Our services are about providing you with a welcoming and well-maintained building every day, and about securing the value of your property for tomorrow and the future.


- German quality management system that is based on ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001standards.

- We monitor our activity on your premises with bluebeetm, our cloud-based solution.

- Maintenance job orders are based on the German VDMA standard are generated from the software, sent directly to the technicians’ mobiles, and their completion reported to the online database. Computer-generated reports then help you understand the state of your equipment at a glance and allow us to support you in critical decision-making.

- Most important, our solutions are delivered by specialists trained in supporting your specific type of business. In GSN we know that people make the difference, that is why well-trained and highly engaged service professionals deliver all our services.

- By using GSN Technical Services, you will gain an extensive knowledge of your property, eventually building an expense saving system to minimize your facility costs.





GSN technical service